To move forward as a connected fully empowered couple you need to have a clear shared vision.  But more than vision, you need a clear plan to bring it to life.  This is where your couples strategic plan comes into play.

Here is what is included:

  • A complete Relationship Assessment
  • Two individual interviews with each of you.  What are your perspectives, hopes, and wishes? Speak frankly. Just how much does this relationship means to you?
  • One Big Dreams Visioning session of 2-3 hours. We'll deep-dive into creating a long-term shared vision and a tangible plan to get you there.  How will you fund your dreams?  Where will you travel? How will you stay deeply, passionately connected to each other as your businesses grow?  Let's plan it out.
  • A complete written couples strategic plan to help you continue the growth and development you desire, together and independently.  
  • A full resource guide tailored to your unique needs as a couple packed with easily implemented tools to upgrade your communication, release resentments, and move forward confidently together.


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