You can't start real work on your relationship without a real review of where you've already been, what you've tried and what resources you're working with.  

And you certainly don't want to dive into the powerful work of a couples intensive or private couples retreat with someone who doesn't know your history or honor your strengths.

That's why we begin with a thorough evaluation of all the gifts and challenges you bring to the table.  We can create successful training curriculum and strategy for growth together from that informed position.

Here is what is included:

  • One 1.5 – 2 hour online interview with both of you. This includes both the Gottman Oral History Interview and the Strengths Finder analysis.
  • A detailed questionnaire completed online by each of you to be reviewed and analyzed.  
  • An individual interviews with each of you.  What are your dreams, hopes, and wishes for this relationship?  Where do you most desire change?
  • One feedback session of 1.5 hours. You'll be given a detailed understanding of your areas of strength, your areas of relationship vulnerabilities, love languages, and your attachment styles.


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