I've helped thousands of hard-working couples create intentional, evolving, fulfilling relationships.  Are you next?

It's very easy to lose track of ourselves amid the inspiration, aspiration, and dedication of a successful career path. 

And when we lose ourselves we simply cannot authentically connect to another.

I've seen the impact entrepreneurship and creative success has on intimate relationships first hand and over the last ten years have supported incredibly ambitious couples to sustain meaningful connection to themselves and each other.  

You can maintain authentic connection and strive for greatness.  Let me help you.

working with me

There are three ways to dive into couples coaching work with me. 

Read more about my coaching options below, or schedule a free consultation to talk with me about which is right for you.


If you're brewing something exciting together...

... starting a family

... getting hitched

... building a business

this is the option for you. 

Let me help you lay a solid foundation for your dreams.


Most couples who've been together a little while start to struggle.  This is where we work it out. 

Relationship Renewal helps you:

  • reconnect with passion
  • change communication patterns
  • heal misunderstandings
  • envision and create a purposeful shared future


You're in a healthy spot together- and you want to make sure you stay there.

Like green juice for clear skin, flossing for dental health, or stretching after exercise, this is the pro-active relationship wellness plan you're looking for.  

Relationship Maintenance Work is a fun way to nurture your shared strengths and move forward with intention.




"After working with Gina, we've been closer than ever [in our fourteen year marriage]." 

- Brenda & Loren, New York City, NY, 2013-2014

"Gina made the hard stuff seem so much easier. I don't think we'd still be together without her." 

- Brian & Amaya, Portland, Oregon, 2015


"I'm sick of working with therapists and never really seeing anything change. Gina is different. I always walk away with things to think about and action steps to take. I feel like I'm making real progress for the first time."

Sarah, Portland, Oregon, 2014

"Thank you for your work with us-we are experiencing so much positive growth in our relationship and are really grateful."

- Tara & AJ, Honolulu Hawaii, 2018


"Gina makes the most complex parts of our relationship problems really easy to understand. I didn't know I needed to learn so much about relationships. I always walk away [from sessions] seeing things from a new perspective."

- Dan & Megan, Buffalo, New York, 2014


"We didn't need a ton of work on our relationship but we knew we didn't want to end up like so many divorced couples we know. And we'd both had serious heartbreaks before.  We were worried old patterns would show up. 

Working with Gina helped us understand ourselves better and make intentional choices about how we want to be together."

- Brian, Seattle, WA, client in 2015

"In our very first session Gina saw something in us I hadn't realized in seven years together. That shifted everything."

- Sarah & Tara, Portland, Oregon, 2016


"Living purposefully has been the key to my success at work so when we started having some tension at home I realized I wanted to put that same intentionality into my relationship. 

We met Gina at World Domination Summit and she helped us reconnect with our core values and desires and make a plan for our beautiful future."


- Ken & Kris, Atlanta, GA, clients in 2013 & 2016

"I'm really not a big therapy person, but Gina made it easy to talk to her without judging us and her help really got us thinking bigger about what we need in life and from each other.  

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm glad we went through it."

- Adam & Cassandra, Beaverton, Oregon, 2011


I offer a few couples retreats and immersions each year for select couples who are ready to deep dive into connection, passion, and purpose.  Sign up below to be notified when retreat openings become available.

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