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Even the most skillful communicators struggle in intimate relationships.  When the stakes are high and love is on the line, we often fall back on outdated patterns.

Every couple can use a communication tune-up from time to time.  I've been supporting clients in coaching work and at workshops and retreats who want to develop communication skills that cultivate connection and deep understanding in their romantic relationships. 

Communication troubles can feel overwhelming, but they don't have to end you.  Come in for a one-time tune-up or see me (as many clients do) once a year for relationship maintenance to proactively resolve issues and freshen up your listening and communication skills.

Learn more about any of the options I offer below or call for a free consultation to see which option is best for you.



Most of us never learned healthy communication and conflict skills growing up.  Fortunately, as long as we're breathing, there's still time to learn. 

Once each year I lead an online course that helps hundreds of people worldwide integrate the necessary communication skills for healthy relationships. 

This is the communication skills foundation we need to build healthy vibrant connected relationships, and navigate conflict with ease.

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