Thank you for your interest in my work. 

I'm refreshing my website at the moment but still supporting couples and teams.  Looks like whatever you clicked is still in process.  I'm happy to answer your questions about my work over email or a call while the final touches wrap up on the site.  

Here are a few things I can help with:


  • connecting more authentically with people you love
  • building trust in relationships
  • unlearning unhealthy relationship patterns
  • creating healthy practices for meaningful connection
  • sustaining relationship growth and transformation
  • nourishing connection based on your unique strengths


  • guiding transitions for small groups
  • facilitating or mediating difficult conversations
  • teaching compassionate communication skills
  • developing strong leaders and cohesive teams
  • cultivating a shared vision and meaning 
  • building structures for stronger team relationships
  • amplifying your team's strengths 

Send me a message, I'd love to hear from you!

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 Gina Senarighi Organizational Consultant | Relationship Coach