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I love speaking at events, organizations and workshops about communication, connection, and trust.  And I'd love to speak with you!


If you're tired of the same old rehearsed speeches this is the place for you.  I don't just recycle the same talk 10,000 times (BORING).  I'll create something unique to your event needs.  


As a conference junkie I've attended a lot of surface-level trainings.  You know the kind that never really getting into the juicy stuff?  I'm bringing only juice.  

Participants often tell me they feel unusually comfortable diving into intimate territory during my presentations.  


As a self-described training junkie, I hate investing in big events and leaving unclear what to do when I go home.  All too often folks leave inspired but it enthusiasm fades not long after returning home. 

So I've made a commitment in my events that folks leave feeling connected to resources and supported making sustainable change. You'll leave with specific action steps to apply in your home and at work to create the courageous change and authentic connections you desire.  


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