“We're walking contradictions, seeking safety and predictability on one hand and thriving on diversity on the other.” 

- Esther Perel


It's true and nobody talks about it: the longer we're together the more easily things grow blah. 

You were once full of vitality, intrigue, and passion and over time the more laundry and bills and responsibilities crowd your relationship the less passion you feel for one another.

It's not dead.  But passion goes dormant under the weight of mundane without intentional work.  The defaults we use don't stoke passionate fires, and very few of us are taught how to maintain relationships long-term.



If you're ready to rekindle the magic between you any of the options below might be a fit.  Click to read more about each option below.

Annual Relationship Renewal - deep dive to learn your strengths and plan for growth- together

Couples Coaching Package - 8 weeks to change the way you love

Online Group Coaching Community - A supportive group learning and growing healthier relationships together

Connection Couples Retreats & Communication Workshops - semi-regular events to learn the skills of healthy communication


Call me to see which option is best for you.  

All work with me starts with a free consultation to determine the best course of action for you and your love.  These are not sales calls, if you don't feel called to this work at the end of our chat I'll happily point you toward other supportive resources.


I've walked couples through the Desire Map process for years.  I highly recommend reading it individually and sharing the workbook with each other along the way.  If you'd like to walk through a tailored process to deepen your Desire Map work, give me a call.  


Here's one of my favorite TEd Talks on intimacy in healthy relationships.