“Love is a vessel that contains both security and adventure, and commitment offers one of the great luxuries of life: time. Marriage is not the end of romance, it is the beginning.” 

- Esther Perel


Couples who commit to laying a solid foundation in pre-commitment counseling reduce the risk of divorce by 25%.  This is because precommitment work helps us identify potential issues early on and develop new strategies to work through them.  

Premarital coaching helps couples connect their individual and shared values with their future goals and vision.  It's a purposeful step for couples who want to build a purpose-driven loving partnership.

Finally, pre-commitment counseling is really useful for couples who want to avoid falling into family patterns r cultural misunderstandings that often lead to distance and resentment in long-term relationships.  It helps you identify the roles, responsibilities, and resources you share and develop intentional strategies for managing them- and adapting them over the years.

"Premarital" vs "Pre-commitment" Coaching

Marriage isn't for everyone.  But commitment is for anyone.  I like to call this work pre-commitment to include all the clients I see who are considering sharing a home, buying a house, getting a dog, starting a family, having a commitment ceremony and more.  



Couples who choose to invest in their relationship intentionally and early demonstrate deep commitment to each other by showing up and diving in.  Lots of couples say they want to create a loving relationship, but these folks are willing to put their time, energy, and money where their mouth is. 

They do the work necessary to build a conscious commitment. 



Together we'll lay a foundation for lasting love in 9 sessions.  This coaching package includes:

  • 1 75-90 minute couples discovery session

  • 6 bi-weekly 75-90 minute sessions

  • 1 50-minute individual 50-minute session for each of you (2 total)

  • Weekly updates, resource videos, and tools directly in your inbox

  • Access to my regular office hours for individualized support should anything come up

  • Access to my full pre-marital coaching curriculum filled with tools and resources to keep you on the right track long-term.


Call me to see which kind of work is the best fit for you.  

All work with me starts with a free consultation to determine the best course of action for you and your love.  These are not sales calls, if you don't feel called to this work at the end of our chat I'll happily point you toward other supportive resources.

“A good marriage is where both people feel like they're getting the better end of the deal.” 

- Anne Lamott


I love this video from Esther Perel about finding "the one" and choosing to stay in the beginning and she talks about some of the pitfalls that happen when we make that decision.