If you want to ask me your questions directly, schedule a consultation.  I'd love to talk with you! 


How long are sessions?

Retreats include two 75-90 minute sessions (one before the retreat and one after) as well as four 3-hour segments (usually completed in two days).  Pre and post-retreat sessions are held via Skype or FaceTime.  Retreats are held in a beautiful private home in Portland, Oregon, a log cabin in Zig Zag, Oregon, or in a beachfront cottage in Manzanita, Oregon.

Some of my retreat participants choose to continue with ongoing coaching, in which we create a strategic plan for each unique relationship's growth goals.  Often we meet every other week for 90-minutes as a couple with brief (30-45 min) calls for individual clients on the off weeks.  Most of these clients continue for four to six months post-retreat.  Some have stayed with me for years.

The workplaces I support typically bring me in to their workspaces for the duration of our partnership.  This allows me to get a feel for your workplace climate.  However, whenever possible, I enjoy bringing workplace clients into my retreat spaces to inspire creativity and meaningful change.

Can we space out retreat sessions?

There are lots of reasons clients choose to space out sessions.  For some, financial, energetic, or time availability create limitations. For others pacing the work is strategic.  I've seen best results when couples complete all four sessions within one weekend, or at least within one month of starting Session 1.

For workplace relationship coaching clients I've found scheduling sessions once a week, or every-other week for best results.  This means working together for a minimum of 6-8 weeks.

How long do you meet with people?

Most relationship retreat clients meet with me for one weekend.  Many of the clients who meet with me for retreats only return for a renewal retreat on an annual basis (many as part of their anniversary celebrations) for relationship maintenance.

Most continued couples coaching clients work with me 4-6 months.  Many clients choose to stay on for monthly relationship maintenance meetings to help keep their relationships healthy.  

I'm proud that over 50% of my relationship coaching clients return years after working together to start up again when new issues arise.  They enjoyed our work together, found it helpful, and want to work with someone who knows their back story.  We can use the work we've done on retreat to continue growth in alignment with your values and goals.

Most of the workplaces I support bring me in on an annual basis and we work together for a few weeks- depending on their unique business coaching needs.

Where is your office/Where will we meet?

All my initial free consultations happen on the phone.  

I typically see clients for pre/post-retreat sessions (and ongoing relationship coaching) via video chat Monday-Thursday and on occasion will see clients online on the weekend.  

Retreats are held at a beautiful private residence in SW Portland, Oregon, at a beachfront cottage in Manzanita, Oregon, or in the Cascade Mountains at a log cabin in Zig Zag, Oregon.

When I work with businesses, I most often meet in your workspace, and complete pre/post-retreat sessions via Skype.

Are there any kinds of couples you won't work with?

I love love in all it's creative forms.  I've worked with all sorts of non-traditional couples and am confident I can support you.  If you have more specific questions please schedule a consultation I'm happy to talk them through with you.

That said, I will not work with couples who are actively violent or struggling with substance abuse/addiction.  I'd rather refer you to treatment with another provider for those issues first and then help you reflect and renew your connection.

How does confidentiality work?

Everything you say to me in session is kept confidential on my end forever.  There are only a few exceptions to this:

  • If you are abusing someone in your care, or your partner, or yourself I'll likely have to report your abuses
  • If you are planning to kill yourself or another person I will report your plans
  • If you contact me using the internet, social media, email, or a smart phone I have no control over the confidentiality of the information you share (but google, facebook, etc will) 
  • I am currently receiving supervision for both a Sex Counselor and a Master Coach credential and will talk with my supervisor about my client work- but I will remove identifying information in these conversations.