"In insecure relationships we disguise our vulnerabilities so our partner never really sees us."

- Sue Johnson


Codependency is all about craving connection, but trying to create it in ways that leaves us further apart.  Usually codependent relationships have trouble with healthy boundaries, low self-esteem, people-pleasing, caretaking, emotional reactivity, and dependency on one another. 

Sometimes codependency means having an anxious attachment style.  Often folks with an anxious attachment style are characterized as "needy" or "clingy."  They really want to get close to their loves but fear their loved ones don't really love them.  They may feel they are not good enough.  

It's really easy to slip into codependent patterns without even realizing it!  Let me help you get out of the spiral of codependency and get back into alignment with what the connection you really want.



Creating some sense of autonomy, boundaries, and balance is critical to changing codependent dynamics in a relationship.  I've been helping couples create loving connected peaceful relationships and break free of toxic codependent patterns for ten years. 

In that time hundreds of couples have successfully transitioned from unhealthy patterns to more conscious loving.

In any of the options below we'll create compassionate boundaries and deepen connection between the two of you.  Read more about each option below.

Annual Relationship Renewal - deep dive to learn your strengths and plan for growth- together

Couples Coaching Package - 8 weeks to change the way you love

Online Group Coaching Community - A supportive group learning and growing healthier relationships together

Connection Couples Retreats & Communication Workshops - semi-regular events to learn the skills of healthy communication


Call me to see which option is best for you.  

All work with me starts with a free consultation to determine the best course of action for you and your love.  These are not sales calls, if you don't feel called to this work at the end of our chat I'll happily point you toward other supportive resources.


Here are some of my favorite resources for people trying to change codependent patterns: