I've been helping people change the way they approach love and relationships (with themselves and those close to them) for fifteen years.  Choose an option below to work with me 1:1.

All coaching options begin with a free initial consultation.  Click the links below if you're curious about coaching with me.

portland oregon couples retreat in oregon marriage retreat


This is a custom-tailored couples retreat just for the two of you.  

We'll have an initial coaching session to get clear and then I'll design the specific curriculum for your two-person getaway on the beautiful Oregon coast.

Then join me at the beach for specific work and play sessions designed to meet your unique relationship needs.  

Leave the deep dive renewed and reconnected.  


portland oregon couples retreat in oregon marriage retreat


Work with me on an on-going basis for 90 days and watch the transformation unfold.  

We meet for sessions individually and/or collectively every week to deepen your connection and commitment.   

This process will transform the way you share your love in a meaningful and sustainable way.

You'll discover a new way of loving deeply and staying in love for the long run.




what to expect from our work



  • Sit and nod - instead, we'll take action.  Be forewarned: I've been described as "direct and not-coddling."

  • Add shame or judgment to your experience (there's already too much of that in the world)

  • Collude with you when you're being too hard on yourself

  • Treat you like you're broken (because you're not)

  • Assume your experience is the same as mine or anyone else's

  • Pathologize you (I don't treat mental illness, so you won't receive a diagnosis, assessment or treatment for mental health conditions or substance use) 


  • Bring a decade of experience helping hundreds of incredible folks deeply connect to themselves and the people they love

  • Help you listen and communicate effectively, end repetitive argument cycles, and let go of baggage

  • Use a sex-positive framework and vast sexuality knowledge to fan the flames of passion 

  • Identify ways to manage intense emotions

  • Rebuild trust and intimacy if it's waning

  • Keep momentum and hope alive - even if it's hard for you to feel hopeful

  • Deeply care about your personal growth and well-being and at the same time hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself