AUTHENTICITY, courage, & connection

What is authenticity?  Most of us don't know how to define it, but we absolutely know it when we see it.

We gravitate toward people whom we perceive as honest or real.  We gather around the people who can “tell it like it is” and laugh at themselves in the process.

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When we see people conjure the courage to accept themselves (flaws and all) and genuinely share with the world, most of us are in awe.

When we're inauthentic, it usually eats us up. We don’t feel good about half-truths, disingenuous connection and times of fearful silence. We all want a clear sense of who we are and the confidence to share our truth with others.

We want to feel comfortable in our own skin - and even more, we want to be accepted by those we love most for it.

When we choose to show up and be seen powerful shifts happen in our relationships to others and to ourselves. But being authentic in a world full or critics takes true courage and discernment.  The skills of authenticity don't always come naturally. 

I'm here to help you learn the skills to show up authentically in relationship with yourself and with others.  I can help you cultivate self compassion and courage, and use authenticity to dramatically deepen relationships with the people who matter most to you. Call me to start learning how.


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