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We all crave change.

Transformation means metamorphosis, growth, evolution.

Sometimes we need help moving in the direction of your dreams.  

Thats' where I come in.  I've been helping folks transform their lives, relationships, and work building dreams from the ground up for years.

Let me help you create the life you've imagined.

transform your life

Transformation begins within.  Whether it's a career change or an entire life shift, leaving a relationship or finding a new one, I can help you reconnect with your inner purpose and create a future filled with meaningful possibilities.  

Here are a few ways we can work together:

Desire Map Workshops 



Daring Way Retreats

Counseling Sessions

Positive Psychology Coaching

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Building authentic relationships is one of the benefits of this powerful work.  I've helped hundreds of couples reconnect with love and passion.  Let me help you.

Here's how to work with me:

Polyamory Counseling

Sex-Positive Couples Counseling

Online Sexual Education

Polyamory Trainings for Therapists

Couples Therapy Sessions

Relationship Coaching


Open Relationships Workshops

life coach portland | private practice coach | grow your private practice | transform your life


Healthy happy healers means healthy happy clients.  I've been helping other therapists grow their private practices with confidence and ease for years now.  

Are you ready to grow your authentic practice?  Here's how I can support you:

Retreats for Therapists

Authentic Marketing Workshops

Conference Presentations

Networking Events That Don't Suck

Private Practice Coaching

My Authentic Practice Mastermind

Private Practice Building E-Courses

Workshops for Counseling Students



Gina Senarighi, MFT, CPC, is a coach, therapist, and transformation consultant.  She has trained with many of the great minds in positive psychology, relationships and life coaching.

Gina helps clients live more fulfilling courageous, authentic lives through hre positive psychology practice, Amplified Good.  Her online e-courses and in-person Desire Map and Daring Way retreats to have helped hundreds to lead more purposeful connected lives.   

She founded Amplified Practice to help counselors successfully market their private practices with authenticity.  She leads retreats for therapists on the beautiful Oregon Coast to organize their businesses, live with courage, and practice self-compassion.

Gina also inspires non-monogamous couples to be even stronger together in her practice, Uncommon Love Counseling.  Her online courses in sex-education and overcoming jealousy have helped many couples stay passionately connected long-term.

In her free time she gardens, listens to NPR, practices yoga and hand lettering.  She loves her tiny minpin, Frida and traveling the world with her partner, Rae.